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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Academies - Privatising Public Education In Britain

On Saturday 8th March the South East Regional TUC, working with the Anti Academies Alliance are hosting a National Conference Against Academies at Congress House, Great Russell Street, London.

There are now over 80 Academies operating around the country, and another 50 are due to open in September. The Academies are run by a variety of sponsors including millionaire "philanthropic" businessmen and religious organisations (sometimes jointly). They represent a major power shift in education, taking away even the semblance of democratic control represented by local education authorities. The sponsors own land and buildings, appoint the majority of governors, and make decisions about what is taught, who is employed and who is admitted.

Academies put staff pay and conditions at risk and where they "succeed" often do this through setting easier exams and excluding far more pupils than other local schools (which they are allowed to do without the penalties the other schools would incur).

The consultations that occur around the setting up of Academies are often the kind of fake-democratic sham that we have come to expect when the word "consultation" is used by government bodies these days.

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At 7:42 am, Anonymous prakash narayanan said...

Would you be able to post something social on your blog? I want to post something about the Bhopal Gas Tragedy of 1984. 23 years past, the Govt of India and Dow Chemical company have not done anything. The Bhopalis are marching to demand their basic rights.
More info:

My name is Prakash Narayanan and my email is

Sorry... i could not find any link where I can contact you.


At 8:54 am, Blogger greenman said...

Thanks Prakash - I will post relevant links to your blog and campaign today - good luck!


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