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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Weekly Links - 03/02/2008

A mixed bag of sites this week, in what could be an interesting period both domestically and internationally.

Green Politics
Green Left, the ecosocialist and anti-capitalist current of the Green Party of England and Wales have a new website at

Like many Greens with a left and workplace orientation I am looking forward to the first Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union Conference in London on Saturday 9th February.

London Green MEP Jean Lambert is on a fact finding mission to Israel and Palestine with other MEPS this week.

In Scotland the Green MSPs have been commenting on the consultation on a Climate Change Bill.

Lastly on the Green front, the blog of GPEW Male Principal Speaker Derek Wall carries an alert regarding protests against the US Secretary of State who is visiting the British Prime Minister on Wednesday.

Around the blogs
Some excellent thought provoking blog posts to link to this week -
Jim at Daily Maybe and Louise at the S.U.B. report on the media and political feeding frenzy of attacks on the disabled and benefit claimants.

Andy at the Socialist Unity blog has this week posted the debate on political strategies between Hilary Wainwright and Mark Perryman that appears in the current Red Pepper.

Dave Osler at Dave's Part has been reflecting on the situation in Kenya.

Anton Vowl at "Enemies of Reason" had an enjoyable rant on Friday at the duplicity and idiocy of the Mail, Express and the more excitable of their readers on the subject of immigration.

At the Climate and Capitalism blog, Daniel Denvir reports on developments on the green left in Ecuador.

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At 10:44 pm, Anonymous WorldbyStom said...

I don't know how you get the time! :)

I thought the SU piece on the debate was particularly interesting...


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