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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Venue Announced For Spring Republic Conference

The venue for the Spring Conference of British Republican campaign group Republic from 1pm to 5pm on Saturday April 19th has been announced -
Republic's third Spring Conference is being hosted at Crickhowell House - part of the National Assembly of Wales - courtesy of left republican Plaid Cymru Assembly Member and Republic supporter Leanne Wood.

In December 2004 she was the first assembly member to be ordered out of the chamber for referring to the Queen as "Mrs Windsor" during a debate. She later said: "I don't recognise the Queen, I called her that because that's her name."

Leanne's website.

Guest speakers also include Assembly Members John Griffiths (Labour) and Bethan
(Plaid Cymru). (Bethan's Blog and Website) The launch of the new "Challenge the Oath" campaign will be the theme of the conference.

For full details of the Conference, and how you can shape the Conference agenda if you are a Republic member, visit

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