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Friday, December 21, 2007

Some Articles On The Northern Rock Fiasco

I thought it might be worthwhile posting some links on the Northern Rock situation in the UK and the broader global "credit crunch" today, including the views of organs of the Brit left.
Here is the official, establishment, BBC overview - Global Credit Crunch
And here is their tiimeline of events in the Northern Rock saga.
Here is the Wikipedia entry on Northern Rock.

Around the lefty blogs here is Dave Osler's view from Dave's Part, whilst here are comments from Molly of Gaian Economics blog on the banking crisis. Interesting with hindsight to read this from 21st Century Socialism back in October.

The SWP view here and the Socialist Party (CWI) here

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At 4:46 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The piece from 21st Cenury Socialism was a surprising breath of fresh air. I had no idea that anyone on the left could still come up with an independent thought, let alone a whole article full of them!

The obvious solution to the Northern Rock debacle is nationalisation. Even the City would more or less welcome it. But of course, the ideological price to be paid would be high. Protecting the 'myth of the free market' is sometimes more important than what's in the best interests of the market itself.



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