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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Weekly Links - 28/10/2007

There are various links that I want to flag up this week.

In the Brit-left blogosphere the big talking point this week is the big bust up that is ongoing in Respect and its' major organised constituent part the Socialist Workers Party, involving expulsions, resignations, manoeuvring and vitriol. Those of us not in the SWP or Respect could be forgiven for a little Schadenfreude, but I think
this is not appropriate at the current time as the bust up does not yet seem to be part of a turn to more democratic and non-sectarian politics on behalf of most of those involved, despite some wishful thinking along these lines from some of the more democratic left elements involved. To outsiders it appears as a shameless power struggle with neither side covering themselves in glory and various smaller factions lining up with the SWP, Galloway or others to have their sectarian tupennyworth.

Respect and the SWP may both be deeply flawed and indeed damaging projects at the moment for those interested in truly progressive politics in the UK, but their problems at the present time do not yet look likely to lead to the emergence of more positive trends, rather the confirmation in the minds of observers of the current irrelevance, stupidity and petty-mindedness of some of the largest factions of the non-Labour, non-Green left. The Eustonites, the Blairites, the right-wing union bureaucrats and the far right will all be jubilant.

But we must have hope, and Derek Wall's (Green Party, Green Left) hopeful comments about space perhaps opening up for a more positive co-operation between left-of-Labour forces if the current Respect situation resolves into a more sustainable and democratic formation got a positive response in some quarters like the Socialist Unity blog.

Here is the resignation letter of one of the leading working class activists of the SWP, Jerry Hicks, published on Liam MacUaid's blog. And here is MacUaid's article on the politics behind the split in Respect and the SWP. Here is the view of ex-Trot Labour leftist Dave Osler. MacUaid also cheekily posts the relevant sections from the October 22nd issue of the SWP's internal "Party Notes".

Elsewhere Green Party of England and Wales Male Principal Speaker Derek Wall was engaged in a bit of Direct Action on the hot issue of housing this week.

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At 5:05 am, Blogger Renegade Eye said...

The problems with SWP and Respect, seen from not being in the UK, are hard to parcel. Too much smirking.


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