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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Green Party Executive Election Results

I reported on Tuesday about Derek Wall's re-election as Male Principal Speaker of the Green Party.

The full results of the Green Party of England and Wales Executive (GPEX) elections are now up on the Party website here.

Meanwhile the Spring Conference of the Party is scheduled for Reading from 14th-17th February 2008.

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At 8:13 pm, Anonymous WorldbyStorm said...

Having read Andy's interview with the same Mr. Wall, I must admit it's heartening to see someone who knows the right stuff - Gorz, Bahro, et al is there in the GP. Good news.

At 10:55 pm, Blogger greenman said...

Thanks Worldbystorm, agreed, though it is a shame that both Bahro and Gorz seemend to go astray politically later in their careers, despite so much valuable earlier work.

At 8:39 pm, Anonymous WorldbyStom said...

Yes, Bahro in particular took a most curious course.


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