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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Links on Sunday - 09/09/07

The TUC are in conference at Brighton this week. On the subject of unions, I blogged recently about the Fremantle dispute. It seems that the company bosses involved have been annoyed at the level of support given to the workers due to the work of Labourstart and have started to cut up nasty with the union and the website. More from Marsha Jane Thompson's Union Futures Blog here.

Louise is back blogging at Stroppyblog and gives a well deserved blast at the latest pseudo-Fabian neo-liberal apologist bollocks from the keyboard of Will Hutton on the subject of the RMT strike and unions. Well done Louise!

The appropriate response to Hutton and his ilk brought to mind the words of James Connolly, recently posted on Noel's The Green Room blog - We Only Want The Earth!

Later this week the Green Party Autumn Conference takes place in Liverpool. I shall be there over the weekend and hope to report back next week. The Final Agenda has been published and there are a number of important motions to discuss including several on Climate Change related issues. The voting papers - (reviews of whole sections of Party policy) are this year the sections of the Manifesto For A Sustainable Society on Media & Sport and Public Administration & Government.

As well as the conferences on this week there is also the meeting of arms dealers in London - the planned actions against this are detailed on Indymedia here. Indymedia also reports that the excellent Sumac Centre in Nottingham is hosting a speaker from the rebel area of Oaxaca in Mexico on Friday 14th September.

Derek Wall, on his Another Green World Blog reports on his Sunday meeting with Cynthia McKinney at the Urban Green Fair that I mentioned on Friday. Earlier this week Jim at Daily (Maybe) commented on Dave Cameron's latest National Service wheeze.

Finally this week, a link to Sydney Indymedia who have been reporting the demonstrations around the APEC summit and associated repression from the increasingly authoritarian Australian State under Howard.

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At 12:11 am, Blogger Louisefeminista said...

Cheers Greenman for the mention.

Reading the crap from Will Hutton made so blinking annoyed.


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