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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Weekly Links - 19/08/07

One of the best sources for information on the Climate Camp of the last week has been the UK Indymedia site. Regular updates have been posted on the UK Indymedia News Ticker.

Out in Blogland, Derek Wall was impressed by the Eco-loos after his visit to the camp. Ian Angus at Climate and Capitalism reports on the hoo-ha over the NASA error which the corporatist right and contrarians have seized upon, pointing out that the single error does nothing to alter the overall shape of the relevant graphs.

Dave's Part covers a Council by-election at Stonebridge in Brent. Good luck to the Green candidate, Brian Orr, who posts on the Green Left lists.

Molly at her Gaian Economics blog reflected earlier in the month on financial crises - newly relevant in the light of recent events. These recent events also drew comment on the Lenin's Tomb blog. Bringing things full circle, Lenin's Tomb also had a report from the Climate Camp.

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