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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Blogs and Links on Sunday

Back from getting the sand between my toes on the beautiful (and climate change threatened) Norfolk coast it is time for this week's crop of interesting links and blogs. First up are the excellent Scientists for Global Responsibility - to be found at SGR describe themselves as a UK based membership organisation that promotes ethical science, design and technology. They research the influence of vested interests in the science and technology field and produce briefings on ethical careers to help students looking for career options that contribute to peace, social justice and environmental sustainability rather than work against them. Membership is open to scientists, engineers, computing and IT professionals, designers and architects and others in related or interdisciplinary areas. Associate membership is open to concerned members of the public. Among the sponsors of SGR is perhaps the most famous living British scientist, Professor Stephen Hawking. I will add SGR to my resources section of the links column.

In blogs this week, Green Party of England and Wales Male Principal Speaker Derek Wall reports on the controversy within the Irish Green Party over the historic site threatened by motorway building. He also reports on what may be a significant radical move by the climate change action group Rising Tide.

Dave Osler has an interesting piece on the NHS Pay Offer.

The Socialist Unity Blog has current posts on Tommy Sheridan, the response of the SWP and SP to the Postal dispute and the Thaksin Shinawatra/Manchester City situation.

Finally, reflecting on the main news story across the pond this week, Renegade Eye posted an article by Nick Coleman on the Minneapolis Bridge Disaster that is getting quite a lot of comments.

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At 4:44 am, Blogger Renegade Eye said...

Thank you for the plug. I've been getting traffic to my blog, but few Marxists comment there.


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