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Friday, May 18, 2007

TUAEUC Conference - 16/06/2007

With Blair set to sign up his successor Brown and the New Labour government to further moves towards a neo-liberal, corporatist, federal Europe at the coming summit, and the treacherous right-wing TUC bureaucracy set to ignore Congress policy at next week's European TUC Congress, there is an obvious need for a further mobilisation against the EU consititutional project.

The Democrat, paper of the Campaign Against Euro-Federalism (Left Euro-sceptics) reveals that the TUC delegation to the May 21st-24th European TUC in Seville is set to ignore the RMT motion against the EU Constitution that was passed at the 2005 TUC meeting with support from Unison, T&G and Amicus.

Brendan Barber, TUC General Secretary, is arguing that a British TUC amendment opposing the reviving Constitution would be lost, so the delegation should back an unamemded 76 page document backing the Constitution. The ETUC is led by Europhile ex-TUC General Secretary John Monks and is heavily funded by the EU.

Millions of trade unionists across Europe opposed the last incarnation of the Constitution as a neo-liberal bosses charter that would enshrine free market economics in law as the "European model". The populations of France and the Netherlands, assisted by large left "No" campaigns felt they had delivered the death blow to the Constitution in their referenda, but the anti-democratic forces at the heart of the EU are bringing in the Constitutional arrangements piece by piece and are set to steam ahead again on openly endorsing a slightly revised version of the Constitution.

In these circumstances it is approprate to publicise the Trade Unionists Against the EU Constitution (TUAEUC) conference scheduled for Saturday 16th June from Noon to 3pm at Friends Meeting House, Euston, London. Speakers are set to include RMT General Secretary Bb Crow and Dutch Socialist Party MEP Erik Miejer. (For info write to TUAEUC, PO Box 46295, London, W5 2UG.)

The TUAEUC pamphlet opposing the proposed Constitution is available online here.
The CAEF pamphlet, on the Services directive, available for £1 from CAEF is reviewed here by Tony Benn. (Ordering details in link)

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