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Friday, May 11, 2007

Defend Public Services And Housing In Lambeth

Happy to be able to post details of these important events coming up in London - a good example of making the links and building the alliances necessary to defend and improve public services.

Lambeth Trades Union Council
Peace & Progress

Public Meeting
"Defend Public Services & Housing in Lambeth!"

21 May 2007
7:30 pm
336 Centre, Brixton Rd SW9

Anita Wright - Lambeth NUT

speakers inc:
John McDonnell MP
and speakers from:
Greater London Association of Trade Union Councils

National Pensioners Convention

Lambeth SOS

Lambeth Defend Council Housing

NUT anti-academy campaign


Southwark and Lambeth

Press Release

For immediate release
9 May 2007

Protest Vigil outside the Maudsley Hospital
Denmark Hill
Saturday 12 May 2007, 5.30 pm

Save the Emergency Clinic - Closure Unlawful
Save the Felix Post Unit
Campaigners demand an urgent meeting with Patricia

Health workers, service users, pensioners and the
community will be protesting outside the Maudsley
Mental Health Hospital to demand that the Emergency
Clinic and the Felix Post Unit, an elderly day
hospital are not closed.

"This protest has been called to 'back up' the legal
action against the Maudsley Hospital Trust for not
putting into place alternative arrangements for
emergency clinic users at the neighbouring Kings
College Hospital accident and emergency department.
Even though we only have days to save the emergency
clinic we believe the fight is not over yet and we
want people to come and support us.
We believe the Maudsley Hospital executives will be
breaking the law if they go ahead with the closure of
the emergency clinic. We demand that Patricia Hewitt
meets us and intervenes immediately to stop the
Emergency Clinic from closing".
A spokesperson from Southwark and Lambeth KONHSP said.

Service users and campaigners have threatened to do
all they can to keep the emergency clinic open.
For more information about Saturday's protest vigil
and the campaign see below.
For more information contact
Keep Our NHS Public

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