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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Act Against Trident Replacement This Week!

Tony Blair's warmongering US-puppet government is rushing, with unseemly haste, to put the question of Trident nuclear missile system replacement before MPs as quickly as they can. The date for the vote has been set for Wednesday 14th March.

Various groups are organising actions and events on the day
including mass lobbying, a rally and other actions. A list can be found

Amongst the groups organising for the day are Greenpeace UK and

CND are organsising a lobby on the day of the vote from 1pm at St Stephen's entrance and then a rally in Parliament Square: "Our presence in Parliament Square
on the day of the debate and vote is vital to show the government the
level of public opposition to Trident replacement. The rally will take
place from 6-8 pm."

There will be a Bikes Not Bombs demo in the Critical Mass tradition, meeting at 6.30 under Waterloo Bridge.

There are also events planned at Faslane and Bradford.

Here is CND's No Trident Replacement page.

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At 4:48 pm, Anonymous Bill said...

Jim Devine, a Government PPS has just resigned over this issue, see: - which also has details about TUC decision to oppose Trident

At 11:26 am, Blogger greenman said...

Thanks for that, Bill.


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