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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

What Does The Red And Green Flag Stand For?

Notes for a proposed leaflet in response
to questions about the red and green flag

What Does The Red And Green Flag Stand For?

The red and green flag brings together the colours representing socialism
and ecology. It represents the fusion of the best ideas of the two
historic political currents.

Why Both? Why Not Either/Or?

We believe in equality and ecological consciousness.
Those who fly the red and green flag show their belief that socialism
without ecological awareness and a green movement without humanism and
a concern for social justice are both outdated and potentially
damaging. The time is ripe for a radical movement that moves forward by
recognising what is worth keeping from the social, political and
environmental movements of the last century, but also what needs to be
left behind. We should leave behind the vanguardism and sectarianism of much of the historic left and the anti-modernism and anti-humanism that have disfigured parts of the green movement.

Does It Represent A Party?

The red and green flag is freely offered for use by all who share the basic
red-green analysis - that is an understanding that we live in a world
where power is based on class lines and class is based on the economic
system known as capitalism. It is an understanding that human beings
will only survive if they begin to live in a way which recognises
natural limits and ourdependance on functioning ecosystems. The flag is divided diagonally like the red and black one of the Spanish anarcho
-syndicalists - this is not accidental - green socialism is libertarian
and democratic - it is not about elitism, leaders for life or one party
states. At the moment networks of ecosocialists exist both
within and outside of various political parties - we do not organise as
a separate party in a sectarian manner, but seek to move as much of the
existing left and green movements as possible in the direction we

But What Do You Want?

The World!
But seriously, the global crisis demands a massive shift in power and
priorities. Power must be taken away from global corporations and
finance capitalists and be used by ordinary working people. Industries,
economies and societies must become sustainable, equitable and governed
by the most radical democracy. Global unity needs to be aimed for to
solve our planetary problems We need to cooperate to advance
scientifically, technically and socially. Ultimately the survival of
earth-based life forms may well depend upon our capacity to spread out
to the rest of our solar system and beyond. Confinement to this planet,
as the fossil record warns us, means extinction. The utopias dreamed of
by the early socialists are now technically feasible. What is lacking
is the vision, unity and organisation to defeat the defenders of the
current ecocidal system.

That Is All Very Inspiring, But What Can We Do In The Here And Now?

Work together for unity on the projects at hand. In Britain at the moment
this means the defeat of the New Labour 'project' and the rise of a new
red-green left. The privatisation of the NHS and education must be fought and workplace and community organisations built
and strengthened throughout the country.
Everything possible should be done to break Britain away from US
imperialism and align our forces with those in Europe that are
currently holding up and attacking the EU plan for an imperialist
bosses Europe. Internationalism and local organisation are key.
Link up with other ecosocialists and seek to win others over.

We must act quickly, maturely and in a united fashion as the ecological and
economic writing is now on the wall for the current system. Even the
establishment parties and monopoly capitalists are frightened by what
is unfolding. Now is not the time for defeatism, it is the time for
unity and action......

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