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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Greens Back PCS Strikers

I previously blogged on the vote by civil servants to strike against continuing government attacks. I am pleased to say that the Green Party of England and Wales is fully supportive of the strikers, as reported on the Party Website, here.

Green Party Male Principal Speaker and fellow blogger Derek Wall released the following statement:

"The people going on strike do so to defend the services we all take for granted. They aren't high flying mandarins or faceless bureaucrats, but hard working ordinary people.

"Massive job cuts, low pay, privatisation, office closures, worsening working conditions and plummeting morale mean that the PCS will go on a one-day strike tomorrow - and they have the Green Party's support."

PCS are showing the way, in contrast to the far more timid approach of other public sector unions like my own Unison, held back by Labourist leaderships anxious not to rock the boat for the governing Party in the run up to the May local government and Scottish and Welsh Assembly elections. Unfortunately the Labourist led unions are the chief unions in the now vitally important struggle developing over the NHS. The foot dragging over organising the national day of action on the NHS on 3rd March is disgraceful. (Incidentally a very good summary of the situation in the NHS by Socialist Party healthworker Jon Dale here.)

That the TUC website page on the Day of Action was relatively bare until recently shows the last minute nature of some of the regional events that were to be organised in preference to the focussed National Demo that many on the left were arguing for. Nevertheless, the rally planned for Birmingham on 3rd March provides a temporary focal point which can be built for by the left, trade unionists and NHS defence activists across Central England, and other rallies and public events across the country are now being added to the NHS Together Web pages.

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At 9:11 am, Anonymous a very public sociologist said...

I'm glad the Greens have been backing this as those I know personally tend to be reticent about such issues.

It was a bit annoying to see the strike bumped off the news by tea time AND no mention of it at all on Newsnight last night!


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