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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

British Civil Servants Vote To Strike

Members of the PCS Union working in the Civil Service have voted for action in the face of continued government attacks on them. In a statement the PCS said that the majority strike vote, on a majority turnout, came “as a result of the government's drive to cut 100,000 civil and public service jobs," and as "the use of consultants spirals out of control and staff face below inflation pay offers.”

The attacks are clearly part of the overall continuing neo-liberal assault on public services, manifested by cuts in staffing, attacks on pay and privatisation - as noted by the PCS statement - "the government continue to fail to give assurances on job security, drive down pay and pursue a dogmatic policy of outsourcing and privatisation.”

The strike day is planned for 31st January, the day when self assessment tax returns are due for return, and will be followed by a two week overtime ban. The action will affect jobcentres, benefit offices, passports, driving exams, the Ministry of Defence, courts service and national museums and galleries.

This vote is further evidence that public service workers are not prepared to be stomped on by Blair's neo-liberals as he serves out his last days. Let us hope that resistance will continue to any kind of "Blair legacy" that Brown or whoever takes over might try to implement.

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