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Friday, April 28, 2006

Workers' Memorial Day

Reading: Guardian, Independent and BBC news websites; Urban 75 Politics and General forums, Green Party (GPEW) Website latest news, Morning Star, more of Prince and Picknett's latest and some pages of Finnegans Wake.
Listening: Local radio at work. Radio Five in the Morning.
Viewing: Coronation Street.

Today is Workers' Memorial Day, marked with lots of events.
More information -
One area that has been emphasised this year is the terrible toll that unsafe working environments involving asbestos have taken. Before the celebrations of Mayday it is good to remember the cost of work to many working people - and good to remember the solemn fact that there is still much to do in Britain, as in the rest of the world, before it can be said that everything has been done that can be done to protect people at work. It is also a reminder of the necessity for workplace organisation and vigilance.



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