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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Now they are all at it!

Reading - Guardian and Independent online, Morning Star, Urban 75 general and politics boards, Wikipedia on Robert Anton Wilson and other topics.
Listening - More Stone Roses
Viewing - BBC 6 O'Clock and BBC and ITV late News, Sky News and music videos from Robbie Williams, Alex Parks, Coldplay and others at the Gym.

Yes, after yesterday all the parties are at it and the media has caught on - one news bulletin had an amusing film with leaders of the three grey parties turning green. They are all weighing in with their green tokenism - they must be really scared of some local election upsets, or desperate to link themselves to a vote winner for the upcoming local elections. But no mention of the REAL Green Party in the news item, though, so no change there. And the Tories have even been hinting they might oppose nuclear power. Hardly a big surprise and not too much of an ideological leap for the Tories as the nuclear power industry can only survive in Britain with massive state intervention and public subsidy, and the Tories have no issues with buying in power from overseas. The nuclear industry is one of those examples where capitalist economics actually do weigh in on the environmentalist side. Doesn't mean the Tories are "Green" though, anymore than their vicious butchering of the mining industry in an act of open class warfare was "Green" because it may have led to lower carbon emissions. So expect big help for the corporations if nuclear plants decommission under the Tories, and very little for the workers. Still, at least all this greenwashing is a break from the media and parties giving free publicity to the fascist threat in the local elections.

On another note, with all that is going on in the world, does the BBC really think that one of the many birthday bashes Elizabeth Windsor (as Plaid Cymru member Leanne Wood famously called her in the Welsh Assembly) is having (and a fairly low key minor part of her celebrations in any case) are the Number one news item?

Anyhow, enough of this media commentary. Greenman's bed beckons.

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