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Monday, April 17, 2006

Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome to my blog.
As a busy, busy, busy, person I guess that this blog will live up to it's name and be occasional.
For those who wish to know more about me read my profile, suffice it to say that this blog is an extension of my online persona from the boards of that august cyber institution Urban 75. A visit there would allow you to see examples of greenman's infrequent entry into the cut and thrust of debate, largely on the politics boards. But because I am pseudonymous does not mean that my thoughts are any less my own - greenman, like the mask of "V" is a depersonalising device, to let the ideas come through, liberated. And I am more than just a political animal, man cannot live by bread alone.
So, come on in , and in future, with a good wind, there may be enough to read that you may, as they say on "urban", settle down, have a hobnob and consider the issues of the day, or yesterday, or tomorrow...............
In the meantime I have put some favourite books, films, topics etc on my profile for your amusement.


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