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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Events in June

Reading: BBC News, Sky News and Guardian websites. Morning Star. Urban 75 Politics Boards.
Listening: Manic Street Preachers.
Viewing: BBC News.
Tonight I am tired and so will be brief. First of all here is an interesting comment from Tom Burke, Visiting Professor at Imperial College, on Blair's latest nuclear moves.
Secondly, the much hyped Da Vinci Code movie is upon us. This forum has the full range of contributors on the book, film and related topics - from the cynical or sceptical to the true believers and hoaxers. Look out the interesting older posts from posters like cyber-academic Steve Mizrach ("Seeker 1") and characters like "Rudiobus" and "Don Barone".
Next to flag up the first British "Republic Day" on 2nd June.
Finally a plug for the important demonstration against New Labour's latest neo-liberal attacks on the sick and disabled, scheduled for 17th June in Sheffield.


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