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Friday, March 30, 2012

RIP John Norris

I have recently heard that long term Green activist John Norris has sadly passed away.  John's co-authored pamphlet "The Way Ahead" - which was followed by a bulletin of the same title, was the document that initially won me over to the Green Party as a potential vehicle for social, economic and political change.  I met John early on in my time as a Green Party member and he was always impressive in his grasp of how the Party worked, how it could work and how positive changes could be made.  He was also a really kind and generous man.  Here is his obituary from the latest Green Party of England and Wales internal mailing. 

John Norris RIP
We regret to tell you of the death of John Norris at his home in York. John Norris had been a member of the Green Party since the mid-1980s. Anyone who knew John will not easily forget him.

John held many posts in the Green Party - including Policy Co-ordinator in the pre-GPEX/GPRC days, GPEX Chair, Policy Co-ordinator, International Co-ordinator, and that's just on GPEX and doesn't mention his time on GPRC, Standing Orders Committee or Conferences Committee.

John put a great deal of himself into his Green Party activities. Much of our peace and defence policy was written by John as well as international policy.
John Norris and John Morrissey jointly edited The Way Ahead, following the formation of the Association of Socialist Greens. Issue 1 appeared in May 1992 and the final edition Issue 47 in February 2000.

John and his hat were synonymous, especially at conference. John was also renowned for the length of his telephone conversations. He ended up in York. John loved York, he loved the members in York and called York one of the most beautiful and magical cities in the world. He even stood as a candidate in York.

John died almost instantaneously and wouldn't have suffered. We will all miss that intellect, that knowledge and that awesome memory for minute detail especially when arguing with him at conference in that hat.

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