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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

More Green Contenders On July 23rd

As well as the Norwich North by-election on July 23rd there are set to be a series of other by-elections at local council level around Britain on that day, some contested by Greens.

In Wembley, London, Martin Francis is carrying the Green Banner and campaigning on a range of issues -

I would press for changes in the Council's consultation system so that people are fully involved in how their area develops and feel that they are really being listened to. Often decisions seem to have be made in advance and those who have taken part in consultations feel their views have been ignored and their participation was a waste of time. I have supported residents angry about the potential impact of the Wembley Masterplan on their environment and have steadfastly opposed the Wembley ARK Academy because we have had no say in the Council handing over tax-payer funded education to a financial speculator and because the particular site will mean the loss of playing fields and increase traffic congestion. I support the campaign for a new community secondary school in the south of Brent to serve local people. I would seek to ensure that all major developments, such as the Civic Centre are consulted about at the proposal stage: "Should we have one?", rather than later: "What kind of roof should it have?"

More here

Meanwhile in the Green stronghold of Brighton there is a by-election in the Goldsmid ward being contested by Alex Phillips -

"This long overdue by-election gives Goldsmid residents an opportunity to vote for a positive change," commented Alex.

"The Green Party's forward-looking policies to create jobs, increase affordable housing and improve the city's public transport are what the people of Goldsmid have told me on the doorstep they are looking for.

"The past two years of Tory administration have left residents underwhelmed, and the previous Labour-run council had run out of ideas and direction."

More here

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