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Friday, August 08, 2008

Urgent Response Action From Republic

I get urgent response e-mails form the anti-monarchist group Republic on a regular basis. The latest concerns the move to challenge the oath of allegiance which is being widely reported in the British media today:

Today's Daily Mail carries a front page story on Republic supporter Norman
Baker MP's Early Day Motion to give MPs the option of swearing allegiance
to their constituents rather than the Queen.

This is potentially a very big story so please take a few moments to
comment on the article online at

The story has already been picked up by The Telegraph and The Sun, both of
which also allow comments:

For more information on the 'Challenge the Oath' campaign go to

Let's get the republican point of view out there!

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At 11:09 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Oborne actually singles out Cameron as one of the few politicians who combines elements of the new and old governing elites. If you would read the book, it'll explain everything. It's not a boring book nor is 'right-wing' by any standards. It probably won't change your republican stance but you will realise having read it that the real rot in British democracy emanates entirely from the Political class and not from the landed gentry. Now I should stop advertising his book before you begin to think that I'm Peter Oborne.



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