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Monday, August 04, 2008

Climate Camp Updates

I have had my disagreements with some of the tactics of the Climate Camp and particularly the absence of meaningful contact with energy industry workers or their unions until recently. (See here for what I said about the 2006 Drax protest) However, hopefully this camp may see some more engagement with this side of the issues alongside some commendable direct action and consciousness raising.

You can keep up with events and debates around this year's UK Climate Camp via UK Indymedia here
And here is the Indymedia timeline for this year's camp.

Workers' Climate Action are running three workshops at the camp and the Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union Working Group have also been active around the issues this year. Here is the leaflet produced by WCA for this year's Camp. There was a "full and frank debate" over NUM/IWW member Dave Douglass' call for a "counter Demo" to the climate camp on Socialist Unity Blog some time ago. The hope must be that there can be full, informed debate on the way forward to a "Just Transition" to a lower carbon economy rather than grandstanding or confrontation as the ruling class look on, sniggering.

Green MEP Caroline Lucas spoke at the rally on Sunday. Here are pictures on the Green Party Trade Union Group blog.

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