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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Anti Incinerator Network Meeting

Reading: Some pages of Finnegans Wake, some pages of Robert Goddard's "Past Caring", Morning Star.
Listening: Moby.
Viewing: None!

The first national meeting of anti-incinerator groups held at Birkbeck College in London was a great success, with many groups from around the country represented or sending apologies. The conference heard reports from areas where incinerators are projected, where they are being built and where they are operating. Dr Thompson from the British Society for Ecological Medicine gave an interesting talk on the health effects of incinerators. We also had some input on media work and "new waste technologies" developments. There was discussion on the DEFRA review, the government's latest pro-incineration pronouncements and what needs to be done to organise on a national scale. Positive things to come out of the meeting are a website that is being set up, and plans for co-ordinated propaganda, campaigns, meetings and actions. The new grouping was keen to work with and alongside existing groups like Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace and the Zero Waste Alliance. The Climate Change conference to be held next week at the LSE (To be addressed by Caroline Lucas, Mark Lynas and Jeremy Leggett amongst others) was advertised and it was suggested that a national anti-incinerators contingent on the November 4th Climate Demonstration could be organised.
All in all a good start with links made and built.



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